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Drones are now serving food!

Ladies & Gentleman, the captain has put on the fasten seat belt sign, drones are about to start serving food!

Franco Vitella Catered Affairs is introducing a new innovative way of serving their creative hors’ d'oeuvres at parties and events. Partnered with Jim Barnes of NJ Drone Academy, Vitella's has created a sleek LED drone passing tray to enhance the way people receive their party food!

Chef Franco has catered for some of New York’s most prestigious events and they are always looking for the next big thing. Chef Franco Vitella is known for his fun interactive food stations like Dragon Popcorn, tossing candied popcorn and nitrogen together creating a sweet treat, while guests blow cold looking smoke out their mouths and nose. Vitella has been featured at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival & has won “Most Creative Caterer” by the Special Live Events Society three times. Vitella won most creative event by Biz Bash Magazine for the Broadway Show Opening of Cry-Baby menu. Vitella’s Oversized Swan made of Spam Pate, and hired cafeteria ladies harassing celebrities brought him notoriety to the ever challenging world of catered events. This year Vitella recreated the entire Lower East Side for a bar mitzvah, by fabricating storefront food stations. So delivering food on drones comes as no surprise to be his greatest invention.

Chef Franco Vitella, got his start when he was 8 years old at his parents’ restaurant in Italy, has always enjoyed reinventing himself in the catering business. Vitella believes that decor around his food is at utmost importance, but his farm & local culinary selections & taste have precedence. Hence his new wellness cafe in Montclair, NJ.

Barnes, an Federal Aviation Administration certified flight pilot, is the founder of NJ Drone Academy, the first drone training school in New Jersey with the concentration on how to build, control, and program a drone. The academy offers multiple courses from “Basic Flight Instruction, Programming and Performing Full Autonomous Flights” for anyone who wants to learn. Together Barnes and Vitella have created the ultimate event experience serving sliders on flying trays.

Not to lose the human touch of serving, after the chef places the food on the tray, Barnes and other FAA certified pilots personally fly the drone to a landing pad where customers can take what they please.

Hors D'oeuvres that will be served on the drone:

  • “Taco-bout a Drone”

  • “Scone on a Drone”

  • “Flying Saucers”

  • “ButterFLY Shrimp”

  • “Flying Dragon Popcorn”

Chef Franco Demonstrates his Food Drone to Guest

Vitella's Food Drone Ready for Evening Take Out with Flying Saucer Hors D'ouevres

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