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Food Furniture Created for a Lower East Side Theme

Today's events are so creative and so much fun that we sometimes forget about where the food should be placed. Food & table design go hand in hand. At Franco Vitella Catered Affairs we are idea people. Once we find out what the client is looking for.... we help them create decor with their food. Chef Franco went to SVA in NYC so he's a natural artist. His food creations are art alone but his roots as Italian ... want to make sure that the food still has quality especially where its placed. Its an art and logistics together. We're lucky to have stylists that can create anything we are envisioning for the food, which can make your event event more special...

For this Bar Mitzvah they really wanted to celebrate the food of Lower East Side. We wanted to recreate the old neighborhood, but also tie in our sense of new vessels and looks to keep it youthful and interesting.

The flow of the party allowed guests to go from station to station as if you were walking outside in NYC deli hopping. We built a Katz Deli, Russ and Daughters, A Pickle Guys Station ( where you reached in and grabbed flavored pickles). A frites station on a push cart and bike that rode in hot dogs... Also a sweet news station for the guest of honor...

This incredible creation of the Lower East Side is one of my personal favorite events since I used to live on Orchard Street.

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