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Play Dress Up with Your Summer Drinks

Summer is heating up, so cool off with some of the top drink trends this year...Tropical themed swimwear and beach accessories are all the rage this season, so tie the look together by adding some tropical flavor, color, and decor to your drinks... Adding fruit such as melon ice balls or watermelon ice cubes are refreshing ways to add a drop of flavor.. Fruit can be added to any type of drink whether it’s water, lemonade, or flavored vodka…”Frosé” (Frozen Rosé) was the biggest hit of 2016 and led to the trend of turning drinks into frozen slushies, perfect for that hot summer weather!

Keeping with the tropical theme, adding edible flowers like hibiscus, mint leaves or lavender will have your drink looking like an island delicacy. They add flavor and dress up any sweet treat...Using mason jars pour spouts are a fun way to display drinks to guests if you are throwing a party, or serve drinks in mason jars for a perfect summer look. After you’ve made your drink it’s time to decorate! Wetting the rip of a jar or glass and dipping it in colored sanding sugar adds some sweet taste and style...Top it off by throwing in a patterned straw for a perfect Instagram worthy photo.

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