Stuffed Lobster at SunSet BaySide

My wife, and kids were invited to dine at a friends home bayside in LBI. And one surprise guest was a fisherman. A passion of mine, but after hearing about a shift he worked through a hurricane.... Im glad to be on land cooking...and so appreciative of our fisherman who work so many long hours at sea..

The trick of cooking lobster is to steam them and stop them 5 minutes early. They cook themselves in their shells the rest of the way. My wife prefers them chargrilled. So it defeats the purpose.

He brought 16 stuffed lobsters, selected perfectly, I couldn't of done better myself, stuffed with breadcrumbs, crab, scallops and shrimp. My very own lobster prepared by a fisherman who should be a chef himself. I sat through dinner almost ignoring the other guests as he gave me tails and tips of how to select the perfect seafood from the fishmonger.

Im always so fascinated by fishermen. They are rewarded by the seas gifts. But in this evening. It was me.

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